Regarding Quandaries

How does music affect emotions and thought? This is the topic that has captured my attention. Again, part of the reason for this is my personal interest in both music and psychology. Yet this topic is also so interesting to me because of the applications of the results. Due to how strong the effects of music on the brain can be, using music as a treatment of sorts for the mind is a very real possibility. Essentially, the topic of music and the mind is not just one of frivolous curiosity, but one that could have profound and powerful effects in the real world.

Yet a topic so broad as music and the mind isn’t something so easy to type into a search bar and gain productive and efficient results. So perhaps a bit more of specificity is required. For that sake, this list of questions will be my framework for research, and will hopefully be answered by the end of this escapade.

  1. How do different genres of music affect emotions and the brain?
  2. Do different songs of the same genre invoke different emotions?
  3. How do different people react to the same songs?
  4. Do specific instruments invoke specific emotions?
  5. What is the actual chemical activity in the brain caused by music?
  6. How do different physical reactions in the brain vary from song to song?
  7. Why does music have so strong a capability to affect emotions?
  8. Why can a specific song incite a specific memory so strongly?
  9. How does the music we listen to affect the thoughts we have?
  10. Why do different people like different genres of music, and does this tie into different brain structures and the music’s effect on them?
  11. How can music be used to help treat mental health disorders?

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